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Aims and Structure


Prof. Dr. Hedwig Gasteiger
Tel.: +49 541 969-2518

Raum: 69/308
Institute of Mathematics
Albrechtstr. 28a
49076 Osnabrück

The Research Center CEDER (Center for Early Childhood Development and Education Research) was established at the end of 2016. It continues the long-standing tradition of interdisciplinary research on early childhood and education that was founded at this site in 2007 through the close cooperation of Osnabrück University and the Lower Saxony Institute for Early Childhood Education and Development (nifbe). Its disciplinary scope is now broader than before, encompassing subject areas that range from sports to art, music, mathematics, language, and general social studies and science. In the Research Center CEDER, scientists and scholars from the Schools of Cultural Studies and Social Sciences, Education and Cultural Studies, Mathematics/Computer Science, Language and Literary Studies, and Human Sciences expand the research strength of Osnabrück University both nationally and internationally in the area of early childhood education and development.

Prof. Dr. Hedwig Gasteiger (mathematics education) was chosen as managing director of the Research Center CEDER. Further members of the directing committee are Prof. Dr. Andreas Brenne (art education) and Prof. Dr. Hilmar Hoffmann (educational science).

Through a cooperation agreement, the Research Center CEDER collaborates closely with the Lower Saxony Institute for Early Childhood Education and Development (nifbe). Together with a center for transfer and coordination in Osnabrück and five regional transfer offices in Lower Saxony, the nifbe aims to find practical applications for new scientific knowledge and, at the same time, to reflect experience and problem areas from practice back to research. The cooperation between CEDER and nifbe connects science with transfer and networking activities at our site.